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Frequently Asked Questions

⦁    Do you deliver? Not yet, however, we hope to in the near future. 

⦁    Why aren't you available on Postmates, UberEats or Grub Hub? We're currently reviewing these options as we discuss delivery. 

⦁    Will you be open on major holidays? As a family owned restaurant, we plan on closing on major holidays so we can be with our loved ones. 

⦁    Why don't you have more seating? We designed our restaraunt to be primarily takeout and have provided limited seating, which includes two tables (four seats each) and seven stools at a long counter. 

⦁    What is KungPao Sauce? It's our family recipe brown sauce with a little extra kick.

⦁    What is Hunan Sauce? It's our family recipe brown sauce with added black bean paste. 

⦁    What is Duck Sauce? A sweet sauce primarily used as dipping sauce for egg rolls.

⦁    Are any of your dishes gluten free? We do not offer any vegan dishes at this time. 

⦁    What is the difference between a pork dumpling and a fried wonton? A pork dumpling has a flour based skin with pork and green onions, deep fried and served with our homemade dumpling sauce. A fried wonton is wrapped has an egg based wonton skin with a small flavorful pork ball inside, deep fried and served with our homemade dumpling sauce. 

⦁    Do you use MSG? Yes, it is in the soy sauce that we use. 

⦁    Are your vegetables cooked inside your egg foo young or on the side? The vegetable are cooked within the egg (almost like an egg cake) and served with a side of gravy. 

⦁    What is the difference between a spring roll and an egg roll? Our spring rolls contain chinese cabbage, carrots and scallions wrapped in a spring roll skin. Our egg rolls contain chinese cabbage, scallions and minced roasted pork wrapped in a an egg roll skin. 

⦁    Do you have chow mein? No, we offer Lo Mein (long soft egg noodles), Mei Fun (thin rice noodles) and Chow Fun (wide flat rice noodles). 

⦁    What are boneless spare ribs? Chinese BBQ pork in a sweet BBQ sauce

⦁    Do you have egg in your fried rice? No. However, this can be added for an additional cost of $.50

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